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Traveloka – Berkereta

On 23, Nov 2017 | No Comments | In Commercial, Digital Film, Digital Online Film | By FIKRI

Client: Traveloka

A chance. Have you ever miss your chance to holiday? I’m sure, once or twice, we missed our chance.

Spending time with family is the most important thing. What if time is the hardest thing you can give to your family? Traveloka wants us to remember: no matter what, family comes first.
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GO-JEK – Dari Indonesia, Untuk Indonesia – Indonesia Raya 3 Stanza

Not many knows the original Indonesia national anthem, Indonesia Raya, consist of 3 stanzas. Most of Indonesian only knows the first stanza. The song was introduced by its composer, Wage Rudolf Supratman, on 28 October 1928 during the Second Indonesian Youth Congress in Jakarta. In July 2017, the original Indonesia Raya has been re-introduced to all Indonesia citizen.

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In TV Commercial


Ricola – TVC

On 18, Oct 2017 | No Comments | In TV Commercial | By FIKRI

You must have heard the famous Ricola’s song. Yes, the one with some kind of trombone sound! Anatman Pictures got the chance to shoot Ricola TVC. Woohoo! RedComm as the agency prepare brilliant concept for this video. We prepare everything to make sure the production goes perfect and smooth.

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Workshop Storytelling di Desa Danan

On 16, Oct 2017 | No Comments | In Workshop & Sharing | By Mahatma Putra

Suatu hari saya mendapat undangan dari teman saya, seorang frater (calon pastor dalam Katolik), untuk mengajar grup anak muda gerejanya tentang basic filmmaking. Frater Tiro sedang mendapat penempatan di desa Danan, Wonogiri, kira-kira 3 jam perjalanan darat dari kota Yogyakarta.

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