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Derived from Buddhist philosophy, anātman (Sanskrit: अनात्मन्) refers to the notion of “no-self” or the illusion of self“.

Anatman Pictures is a documentary production company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. It was founded in 2013.

Anatman Pictures elaborate the philosophy and the spirit of no-self to documentary film production. If there is no single ‘I’ we could understand that everything in the world is interconnected –just like a plate of food you eat everyday! Where the rice is imported from a small rice field in Thailand, the fresh vegetables picked from your neighborhood, and the dessert are fruits from south America– we are connected to every good and bad story that happens in the world everyday.

Anatman aims to share inspiring & unique stories beyond headlines, covering social cultural life across Indonesia. Our clients are varied from international companies & NGO’s to local brands. Our work has already been published both in international & local media.

So if you feel you have a story to share with the world, do not hesitate to contact us!