Lemonilo’s First TVC

Client: Lemonilo
Creative: Anatman Pictures
Production Year: 2018

Look at his face! Truly represents the love of noodle.

As Indonesians, we love instant noodles. When I say we love instant noodles, I mean it. We really-really love instant noodles! But we know and understand the consequences of eating instant noodles, they’re unhealthy.

One day, we received a meeting invitation from Lemonilo. On the appointed day, we went to fulfil their invitation. Lemonilo is a brand that sells organic and healthy products for its consumers. Instant noodles are one of their products.

Lemonilo asked Anatman Pictures to make a TVC for their instant noodle products. They asked us to try their instant noodles made of spinach and without artificial flavorings or preservatives.

Instantly, the bad consequences of eating instant noodles are gone!

Healthy noodle on your service

The concept for this TVC is funny and warm. So I created a concept based on their brief and added some comedy to make it memorably funny. Because it was only shot in 1 location, the production process ran smoothly and quickly. Ares, the Art Director, was a champion, with the cool set that he built!

Faiz, the Director, also did his role brilliantly. The client team were really happy with Anatman Pictures!

Click the following link to see the behind the scenes video!



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