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Janbaz’s Story #2 – Wyeth Shooting Day

I’m very glad that I have an opportunity to do internship at Anatman Pictures. When I rejoined Anatman Pictures, I’m learning more about filming and editing.

We went to shooting location for Wyeth at 05:00 AM on the morning. The shooting directed by Putra and Dennis as Putra’s assistant. The DOP was Abrian and the other was busy with their own job description. Medhi and I, were responsible for making behind the scene video. It was the first time for me to shoot behind the scene and I was a bit worried when I took some pictures and video.

During the shooting I have seen how everyone were quite busy and love doing their task. The client was so happy, “Today was fun! We enjoyed our time here and the shooting was good!”

And finally our shooting ended successfully at 09:40 PM.


Rizal acted like a clown.

Indonesian superhero, Gatot Kaca.

Dennis was so happy.

And the camera rolling …

Mr. Moustache.


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