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Coca Cola – Celebrating PNG (Hubert)

When it comes to rugby, there’s only one name in Papua New Guinea; Hubert. Coca Cola wants to capture how sport, especially rugby, create excitement and togetherness.


Music is the most part of Jokema’s life. He can shares his voice and passion to the world with music.

Coca Cola – Celebrating PNG (Jokema)


Heroes don’t always wear capes. Susan for example. She designs Papua New Guinea national flag when she still only 15 years old.

Coca Cola – Celebrating PNG (Susan)


Coca Cola – Rayakan Namamu

Name bullying is a horrible thing that always assumed as one common thing in Indonesia. Sometimes we too often call our friends by their bad nickname even we forget their real name.


Badminton is one of the most popular sport in Indonesia. Rudi Hartono, an Indonesian legend badminton athlete tells us his badminton story.

Coca Cola – Angkat Raketmu Rudi Hartono


May 23, 2018


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