Anatman Pictures did a retainer collaboration with GO-JEK during 2016-2017. It was a great honour for us to work with talented young people who can successfully drive innovation. Also, to cover dozens of drivers’ stories in 25 cities has been an eye-opener experience for us. Here are some of our favourite videos for GO-JEK.


GO Ambassador #HidupTanpaBatas – Reza Rahadian

Reza Rahadian, one of the best actor in Indonesia, is one of GO-JEK’s Brand Ambassador. In this video we can see how GO-JEK helps Reza not only to fulfill his daily needs, but also to achieve his goals and dreams.


GO Ambassador #HidupTanpaBatas – Andien Aisyah

Who doesn’t know Andien? She’s a talented singer in Indonesia and now –a new mom for his son, Kawa. GO-JEK is always a part of her life, helping her to push beyond boundaries.


GO Ambassador #HidupTanpaBatas – Rio Dewanto & Atiqah Hasiholan

For some people, moving is difficult. But not for Rio Dewanto and Atiqah Hasiholan. They can move to their new home easily with GO-JEK so they can enjoy their quality time together.


GO Ambassador #HidupTanpaBatas – Eva Celia

Eva Celia, young and talented jazz singer, is living an active life. In this video we can see how GO-PAY helps this busy bee to pay all her expenses easily. Just click and go!



This is one of our favourite #DriverStory video. For Abdullah, being a GO-JEK driver is a blessing. He can learn about what’s his life goal. And also spends quality time with his family.


#MerchantStory – Ayam Geprek Batam

After 3 years being a flight attendant, Jennyfer decided to quit. Then she founded Ayam Geprek Batam. As a partner of GO-FOOD, her sales are increasing rapidly.


Indonesia Raya 3 Stanza

Not many people know that “Indonesia Raya”, Indonesia’s national anthem, has 3 stanzas. This video was created and uploaded to re-introduce our full national anthem on Youth Pledge Day, at October 28th 2017.


Hari Pahlawan

Soepranoto is one of WW II veteran hero. On Hari Pahlawan (National Hero’s Day) 2017, GO-JEK gave him a little surprise.


Tribute Match to Choirul Huda

The Late Choirul Huda was a keeper –not only for his football team, but also for Lamongan. He was the number 1 in Lamongan Football Club. GO-JEK held a tribute match to The Late Choirul Huda and this video is an honour obituary for him.


#HidupTanpaBatas – Manifesto

What is Hidup Tanpa Batas (Limitless Life)? GO-JEK explained its manifesto in this video.


City Introduction: Makassar

GO-JEK is expanding to more and more cities. Makassar is one of our best city introduction video. Click and find out why.



Ramadan is a holy month, especially in Indonesia. There are so many heartwarming stories in Ramadan, like this video.


How to GO-CAR and GO-RIDE

GO-JEK has made our life easier; By booking GO-CAR or GO-RIDE, a convenient and trusted online taxi and motorcycle service, you can now say goodbye to your transportation problems. Hundreds of thousand GO-JEK drivers in Indonesia are ready to drive you anywhere. We made a simple tutorial with animation for how to use them.

How to GO-FOOD

Hungry but super busy? As the new interface of GO-FOOD application is now more informative and makes it easier for you to order delivery food, we applied it into our simple tutorial with animation.


April 20, 2018


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