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Bukalapak Komunitas – Pak, Maafin Ibu Ya!

One night my phone was ringing. I saw the caller: Putra. I picked the phone up.

“Fik, have you ever write a script for commercial?”

“Umm, I haven’t. Why do you ask?”

“Do you want to write a script for Bukalapak commercial?”

“I’ve never tried before. But that’s a challenge. Okay, I will. What do you want?”

Putra was explaining the brief. Then I googled how to write a script.

Voila! The script is done. That’s my first experience in scriptwriting.

Coca Cola: Celebrating PNG (Part 1) with Jokema

"PNG. The land of the unexpected." That's what Hurstle, our all-can-do guy from EMTEK told us when we first arrived in Port Moresby. After a 7 hour rough flight from Singapore I thought I could cope with everything in PNG. We arrived in Port Moresby with lots of luggage. It looked a bit suspicious with all...