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Share A Coke: Celebrate Your Name

This time, Anatman had a chance to make a documentary project as a campaign from Coca-Cola on the nickname and bullying phenomenon in Indonesia. Most Indonesians are given nicknames, whether it is derived from their names or from their physical appearances. So this time Coca-Cola wants to raise the awareness to call people by their birth names, because behind every name, there are prayers and hopes from the parents.

Coca Cola: Celebrating PNG (Part 1) with Jokema

"PNG. The land of the unexpected." That's what Hurstle, our all-can-do guy from EMTEK told us when we first arrived in Port Moresby. After a 7 hour rough flight from Singapore I thought I could cope with everything in PNG. We arrived in Port Moresby with lots of luggage. It looked a bit suspicious with all...