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GO-JEK #HidupTanpaBatas – Michael Essien

On 31, Aug 2017 | No Comments | In Digital Commercial, Go-Jek, TV Commercial | By FIKRI

I was extremely happy when i’ve got the news: Anatman Pictures will shoot Essien. Yes, Michael Essien! As a football fans since i was a boy (i’m still a boy, anyway) and Chelsea FC is one of my favorite football club, the news is oasis in a desert!

For a huge name like Essien, i totally understand if he’s arrogant and act like a rockstar. But he isn’t. He’s very humble and down to earth.

The production takes place in Bandung, the Paris van Java. The production process takes a day to wrap it up. We closed the stadium only for us! It was super fun production! The only thing i regret about the production is i forgot to ask his autograph! Sigh!

Let’s make another video, Essien!

DSC08557 copy

Men in black.

DSC08614 copy

“It’s a diving, ref!”

DSC08431 copy

Training scene.

DSC08477 copy


DSC08407 copy

Essien, the busker.


“After this scene, you do that scene, bla bla bla …”

DSC08129 copy

Before the show.

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