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GO-JEK – Dari Indonesia, Untuk Indonesia – Indonesia Raya 3 Stanza

Not many knows the original Indonesia national anthem, Indonesia Raya, consist of 3 stanzas. Most of Indonesian only knows the first stanza. The song was introduced by its composer, Wage Rudolf Supratman, on 28 October 1928 during the Second Indonesian Youth Congress in Jakarta. In July 2017, the original Indonesia Raya has been re-introduced to all Indonesia citizen.

GO-JEK gives Anatman Pictures this huge opportunity. We were so excited to shoot this colossal production. We had to travel to 15 cities and total 14 days to shot. We gather huge numbers of people; 600 people was involved to build this epic moment.

Every time we watches the video, we can feel patriotism and nationalism in each word of Indonesia Raya lyric.

It’s raining men! Hallelujah!

Perfect shot.

Blacksmith scene.

Watch out, Putra!

“Yeah, that’s you.”


Take a break.

Balinese girl.

Prepare everything before shot.

“Indonesia tanah airku …”

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