About Us

Concept Development

We believe great outputs comes from great concepts. Besides working partnered with creative agencies, Anatman Pictures also provides concept development services to help with you tell your stories.

Subject Research

Specifically for documentary, this process is a must do during the documentary pre production. This subject research resembles “casting” in a fiction movie production. With our experienced researcher and videographer this step will never be a second priority.


Shooting or production process probably is the most important process in film production. This is when all the micro moments need to be captured. Anatman Pictures provides full services during the pre-production, production and post-production services to make sure we are in control of every production aspects.

Offline Editing

This is where the story constructed. After the hard work of the shoot days, during offline editing we make sure the storytelling is perfect. During this crucial step we need to locked the picture, because after this step the other post production processes will start at the same time! i.e sound designing, music composing, online and color grading.

Online Editing

Perfection starts here. Graded color and motion graphic works will make everything different. This is where we polished our images. Our online editing services are inclusive of Color Grading, Rotoscoping, 2D Animation and 3D Animation (on request).

Audio Production

From field recording to studio production such as voice over, ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement) and foley, we have all the resources in-house cater all the needs for high quality audio production.

Audio Post

Sometimes people forget, the term Audio Visual starts with “Audio.” Once we have a great story and great image quality, we need to make sure the music and the sound designs elevate the mood to the next level. Poor audio will kill a great video more than poor image quality. Here we handles 5.1 Surround Mixing.

Music Production

Music has a big role in the film. With music, even something that cannot be seen as feelings can be felt. Here, feelings that cannot be seen will be created with the final result of offline editing as the reference.

Anatman Pictures

Share your story to the world!

Derived from Buddhist philosophy, anātman (Sanskrit: अनात्मन्) refers to the notion of “no-self” or the illusion of self“. Anatman Pictures is a documentary production company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. It was founded in 2013.

Anatman Pictures elaborate the philosophy and the spirit of no-self to documentary film production. If there is no single ‘I’ we could understand that everything in the world is interconnected –just like a plate of food you eat everyday! Where the rice is imported from a small rice field in Thailand, the fresh vegetables picked from your neighborhood, and the dessert are fruits from south America– we are connected to every good and bad story that happens in the world everyday.

Anatman aims to share inspiring & unique stories beyond headlines, covering social cultural life across Indonesia. Our clients are varied from international companies & NGO’s to local brands. Our work has already been published both in international & local media.

So if you feel you have a story to share with the world, do not hesitate to contact us!

Mahatma Putra


Tasha May

Executive Producer

Tasya Anindita


Dominique Renee Makalew


Fatihatul Insan Kamil Ramadhani Imama

Creative Head

Abrian Maulana Azmi


Ismail Abdul Aziz


Rena Novia Savitri


Achmad Hasbiansyah

Art Director

Adisena Danarswara


Poppy Nur Safitri

Finance Support/Production Support

Ferdinand Louise


Syarif Ade Wijaya


Sigit Tri Handaya

Production Assistant

Slamet Aziz Umar

Production Support



Post Production Team

Anggita Panji Nayantaka

Post Producer

Fahrizal Mochammad


Galih Wardani


Hari Kurnia

Audio Engineer & SFX

Timothy John Luntungan

Music Composer

Kamaliatul Muchsinah

Illustrator & Animator