Anatman’s First TVC: Koko Krunch Fiesta

The shooting of Koko Krunch was the day after Acuvue’s shooting day. As a result, Tasha and I became zombies who yawned a lot for that day. But the show must go on, so let’s go!

DSC_1914 blog
Selecting garments for the main talent mum
DSC_1895 blog
In between shots…
DSC_1948 blog
Getting the set right for the next shots
Storyboards for the shoot
Storyboards for the shoot

The shooting day was pretty special for our team, because it was the first TVC that we did, and because it took place at our office. So we had to set the properties at our office from a few days before. The art team set a fake kitchen at the living room and it was really beautiful, even Tasha wished that she could keep that “kitchen” forever ;).

The kitchen set, built into the lounge area for shoot day
The kitchen set, built into the lounge area for shoot day
DSC_2065 blog
Set decorations in the kitchen

When I arrived at the at the office, it was really crowded, there were a lot of cars, the diesel machine was on and it sounded loud, there were many lamps and cables for the lighting, even we rented extra AC for inside.

Our talent for the day
Our talent for the day
The crew catching some zzzz's
The crew catching some zzzz’s

For this shooting, there were 2 talents : a mom and her son. The mom was beautiful and easy to direct. The son, Edmond, was easy to direct too and he was funny, even he was dare to tease Black, our gaffer. The talents finished their shooting at around 4 PM and then we continued with the product shoot.

The set for the Product shoot
The set for the Product shoot

The product shoot was the most tricky one. Because we had to pour the water into the pack and it had to hit the “target”. At first, we held the water bottle with hands, but unfortunately the water missed the target. We tried to hold the water bottle and tied it with cloth so it doesn’t move, but it didn’t work, the water spilled outside the target. Finally we the water bottle was tied into the pole and wrapped with wire to direct the small hose, and the volume of the water was given in precise volume as before on the trial. Finally the water hit the target, and we did it for several time until the client was satisfied with the shoot. And after all the product shoots were done, finally it was a wrap at midnight.

DSC_2239 blog
Perfecting the pouring shot
DSC_2385 blog
Making sure it’s picture perfect

When everything was wrapped, the art team worked so fast on uninstalling the kitchen set, and we moved all the couches back to their places and finally we could bring some of the leftover packs of Koko Krunch, Milo and Honey Stars hooraaay 😀

It's a wrap! With the Agency, Client and Talent
It’s a wrap! With the Agency, Client and Talent

You can view the final film and behind the scenes making of the film here…

Behind the scene, watch here!


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