Asuransi Astra

Asuransi Astra

In Indonesia, there is ‘mudik’ or “Pulang Kampung” which is when all migrant workers return to their hometowns or villages before major holidays such as Eid Al Fitr. This is a time of celebration for most people as they catch up with their parents or relatives, but what about happens for the elders in the nursing homes?

Asuransi Astra – #BerkahSenyum


Every May 2nd, Indonesia commemorates National Education Day. We joined Asuransi Astra traveling to Majene, Sulawesi Barat, to meet Saadiyah, the founder of Bassuli Manarang (House of smart people).

Asuransi Astra – #PijarIlmu


May 30, 2018