Canon Camera Testing

Canon Camera Testing

Canon’s range of camera always offers us a route to creativity.
Anatman Pictures has one job: shooting.
Tasya Anindita, the producer, has a hobby: cooking.
So the idea popped up: Why don’t we collaborate together to make a video?

Anatman Pictures director, Mahatma Putra, had the honor to test both cameras.


Canon EOS C700 Test Cam – Ditduts’ Kitchen

Discover the Canon EOS C700, a highly capable primary 4K camera with maximum image quality and flexibility.

According to Putra, C700 is designed to be a proper cinema camera. “Maybe it doesn’t suit me as a documentary filmmaker, but when I shoot an ad it’s totally fine because its technical specifications can compete with similar cameras like RED & Arri. Unfortunately, the Canon Cinema Camera is less popular because it’s already known as a camera for documentary filmmakers,” said Putra.


Canon EOS R Test Cam – The Devil’s Barrel (Tong Setan)

This is Canon’s first full-frame mirrorless with state-of-the-art features and exceptional versatility, supported by the Canon Log feature.

For Putra, Canon EOS R has fulfilled his standard when making a documentary. Why? Because the camera is small, like a DSLR. “I like it because, with the camera, I won’t be the center of attention and people won’t realize that I’m making real documentaries,” explained Putra.

What’s even better is EOS R’s color profile has CLog, standard profile for Canon’s cinema class, which really helps to preserve log colors.


May 30, 2018