Diam & Dengarkan

Diam & Dengarkan

Visit http://www.diamdengarkan.com to make a real contribution to the environment. Right now.

Diam & Dengarkan (Be Quiet & Listen) is a documentary born of contemplation during the Covid-19 pandemic.

About the value of universal consciousness. To bring and realise our existence as a species. Realising the illusion of individual existence. Be aware of your connection to the Universe.

By understanding the energy of collective consciousness, we all can wake up from our long sleep. To realise that each of us can do something for this earth. Right now.

Everyone can download this film, everyone can republish on their own channel, everyone can re-edit, because Diam & Dengarkan (Be Quiet & Listen), also Heal the World is our collective work together.

The collective work of humanity.



May 25, 2018


Anatman Originals