Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson’s public service announcement (PSA) asks moms in Indonesia to prevent worm infections which cause stunting in children, by given their family deworming medicine twice a year.

Johnson & Johnson PSA – Stunting (2018)


Being thin is not a sign of worm infection. Sometimes kids with healthy bodies are also infected by worms with no visible side effects.  It’s important children should take deworming medicine twice a year to stop the risk of infection.

Johnson & Johnson PSA – Cacingan Ver 1 (2017)


Worm infection can slow brain development which can cause children to lose the ability to concentrate and also lose focus when studying.

Johnson & Johnson PSA – Cacingan Ver 2 (2017)


The prevalence rate of worm infection is high in Indonesia. What should we do to decrease the chances of infection in children?

Johnson & Johnson PSA – Cacingan (2015)





May 30, 2018