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Anatman Pictures Goes To Bali!

1 full year of creating concepts, shooting, editing, colour grading, sound mixing, and we need 1 more activity to refresh our soul (haha). Yeah, correct: a holiday in Bali!

I felt sorry for Sandi and Mail, because they are still in their 3 months’ probation. Sandi was asked to manage the holiday itinerary and Mail was asked to make a video documentation of our holiday. No, I’m joking. I don’t feel sorry at all, hahaha.

The journey begins waking up in the morning, not for shooting, but for traveling, woohoo! Then we arrived at Bali after a 2 hour flight; sunshine here we come!

Before flying to Bali, we held a charity garage sale. We sold our shooting wardrobe because it has been over stacked in our storage room. We visited a charity foundation in east Bali, Bale Mitch Gillam Community Centre, to donate our garage sale profits. We met hundreds of children that learn Japanese language and traditional dance there. I could feel optimism in their eyes and smiles.

After 2 hours of laughter and warmness, we said goodbye to them. We travelled back to our resort. The resort was huge and beautiful! There was a swimming pool in the centre, billiard pool table, outdoor rest room, soft bed, and food!

The next day, we went across to Lembongan by boat. I was scared because the waves were big. Our bodies were shaking inside the boat. But it was worth it. After arriving at Lembongan, we tried snorkelling. And Mail, hahaha, he didn’t snorkel. He learnt how to fly the drone, sorry Mail!

After 2 hours snorkelling, we went back to the beach. The Event Organizer, Rakata, had prepared our lunch. We had lunch together. Rakata had also prepared the set for the team building. There were games prepared to refresh our bond as a team.

Team building games were so exciting. We separated into 2 teams. We had to choose our team leader. Unfortunately, it was me as the leader of Team 2. Our team had to beat Team 1 which was led by Sandi. My team won 3 out of 4 games. Yeah, it was a piece of cake.

We wanted to arrive back at Bali main island before sunset. It meant we had to ride that boat with huge waves again, oh no! The waves were even bigger than the morning, oh shout! Thankfully, we arrived at Bali main island having survived, hahaha. We finished the sunset at the (NAME?) beach and had dinner together.

Back at our resort, we cleaned ourselves before the main event that night: the barbecue! Dita, Anatman’s most trusted chef, showed her abilities by grilling the late dinner. We spent the night with laughter and harmony.

The following day was a sad day. We had to say goodbye to Bali. Before that happened, we spent our time buying some souvenirs and enjoy the sunset in Kuta Beach.

It was a very-very nice experience but left me one sentence:

Dear boss,

Can you make the office outing twice a year?

Our journey in audiovisual.

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