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Exclusive Screening on Menstrual Hygiene Day

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

On the night of Menstrual Hygiene (MH) Day, 28th of May 2022, the director and producer of Datang Bulan (Come Moon) documentary were invited to screen the film in Bali for an event hosted by Perfect Fit, a company of Indonesian-made period underwear & pads.

Photographs by Sarah Wiles of Positive Media and Producer Julianna Tacata

The screening was held at Garden Canggu restaurant as part of the donation-based event called “Menstru[art]ion]” to celebrate MH Day. It was supported by numerous organizations including Simavi, Kultara, We Are Sisters, and Anatman Pictures. All profits were used to aid female prisoners in Bali with reusable menstrual products & reproductive health education.

The exclusive screening was followed by a warm and insightful discussion with Director Clarissa Natan as a guest speaker. The talk show also featured Veronika Krasnasari (TV host and environment advocate), Sekarputi Sidhiawati (Artist and Co-Owner of Arta Derau), and Riesa Putri (Co-Founder and COO of Perfect Fit).

Around 40 women and men who attended were able to witness and engage with a case study brought to the screen. Stay tuned for upcoming exclusive screening events!

Datang Bulan is Coming Soon.

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