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Reunion with L’Oréal – Revitalift

This time, we collaborated with McCann Indonesia to make a digital advertisement for L’Oréal Revitalift. The concept of this project was about 3 friends having a reunion after being friends for more than a decade.  During this reunion, they re-created an old photograph pose and start comparing the differences in their skin between then and now.

As L’Oréal Revitalift is a skincare product, we were looking for talents with natural fine lines on their faces and we found three natural beauties, Rhani, Niya, and Stephanie. For the shooting day, we needed to cast a photographer to do the photoshoot scenes. At first, we promoted Dennis and Ken to be the casted photographers, but unfortunately they didn’t make it, so we needed to cast a professional real photographer.

For the photoshoot session, we held it in our mini studio, a.k.a. our office’s garage. Then we had the real shooting day in a studio, where we hung our before and after photos and shot the talents entrance into the studio and also their make up preparation. For this shoot, Putra had fun experimenting with mirrors to create powerful images.

It was a very smooth shoot day and another great team to work with!


The preparation shoot.


The girls picking up their clothes.


Dennis doing audio recording during the shoot.


Getting ready for the photoshoot.


Some of the crew spotted during the shooting.


Shooting the photographer in action.


The experimental angle using mirror.


Sigit holding the giant photograph.

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