“Saving the world, one video at a time.”

Google Moving On Day

Directed by Mahatma Putra
Vanessa, with help from Google, will moving on from the past and ready to celebrate life again!

Client: Google
Creative Agency: Superson

Indonesia Raya 3 Stanza

Directed by Mahatma Putra
Indonesian National Anthem for Youth Pledge Day 2017. We shot this video in various cities throughout Indonesia.

Client: GO-JEK
Creative Agency: –

Koko Krunch - Hari Pertama Yuta

Directed by Mahatma Putra
Koko Krunch used a different approach for their digital video campaign. You can choose between Mum and Yuta’s perspective in this video.

Client: Nestle Indonesia
Creative Agency: McCann

Ricola - Regional Video

Directed by Mahatma Putra
This was the first Ricola regional video for Asia that was produced in Indonesia. This regional video has been aired in 5 countries in Asia (Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong & Indonesia).

Client: Ricola
Creative Agency: RedComm

P&G - Maaf Ibu

Directed by Mahatma Putra
Ramadan is the month of redemption and forgiveness. Have you apologised to your mum? This video won 2 Silver, 1 Bronze and 3 Finalist Category in Citra Pariwara 2017.

Client: P&G Indonesia
Creative Agency: Grey

Hijup - #EmpowerChange

Directed by Mahatma Putra
Documentary about the struggle of women wearing hijab in their daily lives. This video was awarded Gold for Film Single Category, Silver for Online Video Category in Citra Pariwara 2016, and Lotus Root Finalist in AdFest 2016, Bangkok.

Client: Hijup
Creative Agency: Anatman Pictures

Asuransi Astra

Directed by Shuhaery Faiz
Every child deserves an education no matter where in the world they are and no matter what their circumstances.

Client: Astra
Creative Agency:

Coca Cola - Angkat Raketmu

Directed by Mahatma Putra
Rudy Hartono is a legendary Indonesian badminton athlete. In this video, he tells his badminton success story.

Client: Coca Cola
Creative Agency: McCann

Arang & Asa

A film by Mahatma Putra
Arang & Asa is a short movie about Pak Fuad, a GO-JEK driver. Arang & Asa was awarded  The Best Video in GO-VIDEO 2016 and The Most Popular Online Micro Film in WebTVAsia Award 2016 in Seoul, South Korea .

Ka Sa'o: Daur Hidup Rumah Adat Ngadha

Directed by Abrian Maulana Azmi
TRAILER – Ka Sa’o: Daur Hidup Rumah Adat Ngadha

Co-Production: Anatman Pictures x Fakultas Teknik Universitas Indonesia
Creative Agency:

Telkomsel - Papa Metal

Directed by Mahatma Putra
Being the daughter of a metal dad is sometimes hard for Janis. But no matter what, Janis always loves her dad.

Client: Telkomsel
Creative Agency: Leo Burnett

Samsung Galaxy A8 ft Eva Celia

Directed by Mahatma Putra
What’s our purpose in life? Eva Celia searches for her purpose in life through a piece of paper.

Client: Samsung
Creative Agency: RedComm

Ayo Bangun Indonesia #UntukBangsaku

Directed by Mahatma Putra
This heartwarming video for Indonesia Independence Day powered by GO-JEK, was a Finalist for Film Category in Citra Pariwara 2016.

Client: Gojek Indonesia
Creative Agency:
Anatman Pictures