D’s #UnstoppablePassion with Yovita, Riyanni, and Eka

Anatman Pictures has worked with FWD Insurance Indonesia several times. This time, FWD wanted to bring up the issue of realising unexecuted plans as its theme for the campaign, as most of us have at least one or more unexecuted plans. There were three different professions chosen to speak about their unexecuted plans : a musician, traveler, and scuba-diver.

Coca Cola: Celebrating PNG (Part 1) with Jokema

"PNG. The land of the unexpected." That's what Hurstle, our all-can-do guy from EMTEK told us when we first arrived in Port Moresby. After a 7 hour rough flight from Singapore I thought I could cope with everything in PNG. We arrived in Port Moresby with lots of luggage. It looked a bit suspicious with all...