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Grand Launching Anatman Pictures!

Hello and welcome to Anatman Pictures.  We are so thrilled to be launching our new site to be able to showcase stories we believe are important to share.

It is the best feeling to be able to follow your passion and live your dreams, when work doesn’t actually feel like ‘work’ but something you look forward to when you wake in the morning.  It is a pleasure and an honour to be able to meet so many ordinary people living extraordinary lives throughout Indonesia, to experience so many unique and interesting cultures, and to witness the natural beauty of this country.

We have set up our new site so that it is easy to navigate and you can immediately view snapshots of our work, and when you click on a picture you can then view the full video at your leisure.  We will be sharing stories and behind the scenes photos of each video as we go along, so you can learn more about our experiences when travelling and filming both throughout this magical archipelago and beyond.

If you feel you or someone you know has a story you would like to share, if there are people doing remarkable work for the environment or animals or there are cultural events which you would like recorded, we would love to hear from you and have the opportunity to work alongside you to bring your dream to life through film.

In the end all our stories throughout the world are somehow interconnected and we look forward to bringing awareness about issues that are important and people that may otherwise not have a voice to be heard.

Thanks so much for stopping by and we welcome any feedback, comments, or opportunities to work together in the future.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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