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Jackpot at the Go-Video Competition!

A huge thank you to Go-Jek for selecting Arang & Asa as the Best Video at your awards ceremony! We are very humbled after seeing all the incredible talent shown in all the films entered.

Thank you also to the awesome team at AlbumRupa for casting Putra’s favourite talents and extras, and getting the incredible Pak Fuad to take part in our film and to him for being so amazing during shooting in the extreme heat and storms in Jakarta.  To absolutely everyone involved who believed in us enough to dedicate their time to helping us make this happen.  To everyone who showed us support and gave us beautiful words of encouragement after we posted the film online after a mad rush to get it finished by the submission deadline.  Finally, the biggest THANK YOU to Gojek, not only for the award, but for the services you have provided to make all our lives easier here in Jakarta and to your drivers who do an incredible job of delivering amazing services while battling the traffic, pollution and chaos of Jakarta.


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