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Go-Video Competition Entry

Life here in Jakarta is pretty awesome when you have a company like Gojek to cater to your everyday needs… They offer services that really help to make life easier if you’re short on time, or basically just too lazy to leave the comfort of your surrounds.

Their online app lets you get a masseuse delivered to your doorstep, they can pick up your groceries for you, do your shopping, move large items around the city, have someone come clean your house and more!  It doesn’t matter if the sun is unbearably hot or it’s pouring down with rain, once you press that order button there’ll be someone smiling at your doorstep in a few minutes.

To show our personal gratitude to the awesome services Gojek provides us here at Anatman Pictures, we decided to make an entry for their current Go-video competition which closes for entry at the end of this month. In collaboration with the amazing team at AlbumRupa, we managed to get the incredibly talented and humble Pak Fuad to come and be a part of this project and what an honour it was to work with him.  We can’t thank everyone enough who dedicated their time and talents into the making of our short film, we couldn’t have done it without you and thanks so much for taking part and making it such a fun project to work on… wishing success to you all no matter what happens.

Below is a small sneak peak into the making of our entry and we look forward to sharing the finished product with you shortly… stay tuned to view our film and don’t forget to vote for your favourite entry!

Anatman Pictures_Gojek Jakarta_Go-video competition

Ares wearing the boom mic cover

Anatman Pictures_Gojek Jakarta_Go-video competition

Pak Fuad hard at work

Anatman Pictures_Gojek Jakarta_Go-video competition

We love an early morning shoot

Anatman Pictures_Gojek Jakarta_Go-video competition

The lovely Priti doing hair and makeup


Ares knotting the tie for being worn by Pak Fuad


Ading as the busy businessman


Tasha’s preparing herself as a member of board of directors


Putra is directing the Board of Directors


Morning scene in Jakarta’s real street


Pak Fuad and Pocut in their way to the office


Can you spot Putra filming on the street?


Dennis, looking so serious

Anatman Pictures_Gojek Jakarta_Go-video competition

Dita caught in the rain

Anatman Pictures_Gojek Jakarta_Go-video competition_marching band

The sweetest marching band in the kampung

Anatman Pictures_Gojek Jakarta_Go-video competition

Putra is capturing the magic

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