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Traveloka – Berkereta

Client: Traveloka

A chance. Have you ever missed your chance to take a holiday? I’m sure, once or twice, we missed our chance.

Spending time with family is the most important thing. What if time is the hardest thing you can give to your family? Traveloka wants us to remember: no matter what, family comes first.

Traveloka prepared an emotional storyline concept about traveling by train, which was infact, their first campaign for traveling by train.

The production took 2 days to wrap. We rented a commercial train to Solo to complete the last scene. No, we didn’t go to Solo, huhuhu. We stopped at Cikampek and then travelled back to Anatman Pictures office to edit and finish the project.

Shooting in a public and crowded place is a challenge. We couldn’t clear the area, which meant we had to repeat, “Permisi, sorry. Sebentar jangan lewat sini dulu ya, mau shooting.” This was our first experience to shoot in any station, let alone Gambir Station, the biggest train station in Indonesia.

Double trouble.

11:30 pm!

“Smile, like you guys wanna travel somewhere …”

Waiting for Godot.

Dot in the crowd.


Watch the full video!

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