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Wyeth – Procal 26

Client: Wyeth Agency: McCann Production year: 2018

Written by Janbaz Salehi

I’m very glad that I have an opportunity to do internship at Anatman Pictures for learning more about Filming and editing.

I was given a task to make behind the scene video when we shot digital campaign video for Wyeth. At 05:00 AM on the morning we wake up and went to the location for shooting.

The shooting directed by Putra. Dennis was the director assistant. And the DOP was Abrian and the other was occupied with their own role and responsibility.

Personally for me it was the first time shooting behind the scene and I was a bit worried. During the shooting I have seen how everyone were quite busy and love doing their task.

It needs an extra effort when shooting with kids.

We don’t know why Dennis laughed so hard.

Putra the director leads the whole shooting process.

The client was so happy and we interviewed them.

“Today was fun and we enjoyed our time here and the shooting was good,” said client. And of course the agency were happy because the client were happy.

Finally our shooting ended successfully at 09:40 PM.

Click here to watch the full video

Click here to watch behind the scene video

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