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COCOWORK – #UbahCaraKerjamu


Production Year: 2018

Maybe some of us will be confused when we hear the term ‘co-working space’. Through this video, EVHIVE is rebranding their company to COCOWORK and introducing the audience to a new era of working. With the hashtag #UbahCaraKerjamu or in English ‘Change the Way You Work’, COCOWORK invites us not to get stuck in a work routine.

Cocowork, ev-hive, indonesia

Tony Stark wannabe.

Set the ambience.

Very cool resting area isn’t it?

Kafi prepared wardrobe for the main talent.

Shooting the yoga scene.

Meet Anatman Pictures’ Crew!

This project was very fun. COCOWORK fully entrusted Anatman Pictures, starting from ideas development and concepts until final delivery. This is their first ad video and it will be aired on television and cinema, as well as social media.

The challenge for this production was the locations. COCOWORK has so many locations, so the challenge was how to move the cast and crew to several locations in an effective and efficient way. For Faiz the director, this production was something new, because he usually creates documentary videos. This production was his challenge to get out from his comfort zone.

*) For the behind the scene video below, there is a slight difference from the final video. The difference occurred because the behind the scene video was taken before adjustments and slight revisions from the client.

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