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Animation: Law 101

Do you like animation videos? This video will show the whole process of how Anatman Crew made an animation video.

The main purpose of this animated video is as learning medium. As a lecturer in Law Faculty at the University of Indonesia, Aristo Pangaribuan, had a desire to transfer his knowledge with different methods.

There are many processes that must be done before you can enjoy an animation video. Just like the video production process, animation video also goes through 3 stages of the process.

Starting from pre-production. There are scriptwriting process and per scene concept. The difficulty in writing this animation concept is how to describe technical terms in law. Aristo was very helpful in writing scripts.

The second stage is production. The processes at this stage are asset drawing, illustrating, and motion editing. Illustrators draw assets and make illustrations according to the script that has been approved. After the drawing process is finished, the image will be assembled and animated by the animation director.

After all the drawing become one complete video, the video will go to the last stage. Post-production stage. In this stage, the audio engineer will give his magical touch so the video has good sound quality. Audio engineers will mix and match sounds to fit the audience’s ears, like you.

This video involves 2 scriptwriters, 1 producer, 3 illustrators, 2 animators, 1 animation director and 1 sound designer & engineer to complete this project. The entire production process from the beginning until the animated video can be watched consumes 3 full months.

Behind The Scene Video

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