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Johnson&Johnson – Deworming PSA

Client: Johnson & Johnson Agency: – Production year: 2018

Written by Shofi Ayudiana

If you still remember the last TV commercial for Combantrin, you will realize that there is a kid has short and small appearance having worm infection. Now, Combantrin is back with us bringing up the story of children with stunting.

The PSA Combantrin which initiated by The Ministry of Health and J&J, wanted to make a video that emphasize the signs and effects of stunting to children. The signs show are the height-for-age that is below the standard and also poor performance. So, in this video, we show two children who have minimum weight, insufficient height, and poor performance.

Dennis directed the kids before shoot the main scene.

This is our 3rd times collaborate with Lula Kamal as KOL for this PSA.

We need to take this scene several times because the explanation about stunting is very long.

“Apaaaa? Stuntiiing?”

To be a part of the production was actually my very first experience for me, as an intern. Moreover, my study background is not really in line with what this company does. It was not a theatrical production which I ever did in my university, nor running a talkshow event. This is a production of an advertisement which everyone in this nation would watch it on their TV screen. Involved in brainstorming session with Mas Fikri, met the client for PPM (Pre-Production Meeting), and involved in the production were all worth for me. Even though it was exhausting, it gave me new insights and experiences about how it looks like to work in a production house. And on the previous days, I came to the location and looked the shooting process for the first time! And…”Camera, rolling, and.. action!” said the Director.

The shooting was started at 8 a.m at Taman Tabebuya, South Jakarta. At this time, the shooting location was full of children playing around. However, all of sudden, the rain came, and then stopped, and raining again. The talents and the crews back and forth took the shoots and then took a shelter. It sometimes ruined the mood of the children. Furthermore, the rain fell many times, seems like the rain wanted to play with us. Huhu. Gladly, although it was raining, the shooting ran well and fun, and ended early from the estimated time. We were so happy to come back home earlier!

Shofi Ayudiana Scriptwriter Intern

Click to watch the full video

Click to watch behind the scene video

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