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See You When I See You

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Written by Dhaniel Dhirajati Adani

Once upon a time there is a clueless, not so big, musician who was confused about his 4th album. He didn’t know what he was going to make. In a moment of confusion, he decided to join a major label. Not the greatest decision, but he wants to make a music that many people can enjoy. But unfortunately, he didn’t know that life is a lot easier when he keeps his expectations low. He found out that he was stuck doing nothing. Being counfused and desperate, he decide to visit his hometown to looking for inspiration.

At his hometown, he visited an independent label that he knew from his friend’s friend. When he first came, he only brought his very rough, not that good, work, while hoping that they still allow him to stay there. Good for him, the label allowed him to stay there and learned. Came there without expectation, he actually got something he was looking for all the time. He realized that there was music he had never known before, but he could use it for his album. In a short word, he got so many things for his album there. But again, unfortunately he needs to go back to his label and finish the contract.

Anatman Pictures team at the studio in Jakarta.

Well, that’s not the greatest story ever. It’s not even real. That’s only my imagination about my life experience before and when I did my internship at Anatman. Maybe I need to go back now, but I hope that we will meet again someday. Well, see you when I see you, mate.

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