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Share A Coke: Celebrate Your Name

This time, Anatman had a chance to make a documentary project as a campaign from Coca-Cola on the nickname and bullying phenomenon in Indonesia. Most Indonesians are given nicknames, whether it is derived from their names or from their physical appearances. So this time Coca-Cola wants to raise the awareness to call people by their birth names, because behind every name, there are prayers and hopes from the parents.


Waiting for the perfect sunrise


Shooting Raiza in the park really needs some support (literally) ;D


Preparing the interview in Raiza’s room

The first step on doing this documentary was the research process. We began by looking up the names in my phone book, Facebook, even from my school yearbooks.  After we got the names of the candidates, we began the interview process. This step meant we had to interview 27 people in less than 2 weeks. We asked them how they got their nicknames and how it has affected them in their lives. After we interviewed and reviewed the names, we had 3 strong candidates for this projects : Raiza a.k.a. Raiso (incapable), Risty a.k.a. Bokri (curly), and Rio a.k.a. Gigi (teeth).


Ogilvy team looking at the preview monitor

For the production step, we decided to split the shooting day into 2 days, because we had 3 main protagonists.  The first day of shooting would be Raiza and Rio, and the second day would be Risty, and during these 2 days we also shot some candidates to stand up for their names.


Miss Risty is ready to teach class of Ogilvy


Checking the ‘behind the scenes’ video footage

On the first day of shooting, we began in the park with morning shots of Raiza, who is a journalist and writer.  We moved to her house to interview her and it was very emotional because Raiza was upset about being called nicknames.  She cried a lot to release her emotions, and after we finished interviewing her, we began to interview her mother. At that moment, we discovered that her mother was once also bullied by her friends also.  After we finished shooting at her place, we moved to Rio’s house. We interviewed Rio and then took him to the park to shoot some beauty shots and to film some extra candidates standing up for their names. Once we had finished interviewing Rio’s parents, it was a wrap for the day.


Rio’s lovely parents in their living room


Risty and her positive energy

On the second day, we shot Risty in her workplace as we wanted to shoot her daily life as a teacher. During the shooting at school, we had an accident with the drone hitting the school building and falling down. The propellers were broken but luckily the drone could be fixed. After we finished shooting at the school, we shot more candidates, and then moved to Risty’s house to interview her parents before it was a wrap for the second day!


The fallen drone


Dennis checking the drone propellers


The aftermath of the accident


The lovely Tavia


The funky Rizwan

The lovely Ocha

The lovely Ocha


Watching the interview from the review monitor

During post-production, we decided to take some pick up shots, to complete the whole movie. It was challenging because we needed to interview 3 people in the same day but we managed to wrap before evening.  It was so fun and lovely to work on this theme together.


Putra, Tasha and Risty previewing the emotional interview with Risty’s parents

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