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Asuransi Astra – #PijarIlmu

Client: Asuransi Astra Agency: – Production year: 2018

“Everyone becomes a teacher. Every house becomes a school.” ~ Ki Hajar Dewantara

Every May 2nd, Indonesia commemorates national education day which coincides with the birth date of Ki Hajar Dewantara.

Astra Insurance understands that education that must be obtained for all children. That’s why Astra Insurance asked Anatman Pictures to make a documentary video about education in Indonesia.

Faiz in front of elementary students.

Faiz the director was very happy to shoot in school.

Before the show!

Shuhaery Faiz and Ismail flew to Sulawesi to capture images of educational portraits in remote areas of Sulawesi. There he met a teacher who dedicated her life to educate the children in her village. She built a small library as a learning center named Basuli Manarang.

Asuransi Astra helps Basuli Manarang to make it bigger and bigger. Not only renovating the  building, Astra Insurance also filled empty bookshelves with book donations from their customers and employees.

Now Basuli Manarang has become brighter lantern of science.

Click to watch the full video.

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