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Traveloka x AGT : Philippines & Singapore

So, this time we collaborated again with Traveloka as they were sponsoring the Asia’s Got Talents show. We shot the documentaries of 2 AGT finalists : Neil Garcia Llanes the beatboxer and Angela July the harpist. We did the shooting in 2 different countries : Neil’s hometown in the Philippines and the final of AGT in Singapore.

This was our first time to shoot in the Philippines (and the first time shooting abroad for Sigit, our handyman). As Neil’s hometown is in Davao, it was another 2 hour flight from Manila. When we first met him, he was very nice and really into the beatboxing scene and amazed us. This was his second time at AGT. He was selected 2 years ago, but left because he had to finish his studies. After he graduated, he worked as a professional beatboxer and become the cultural ambassador of the Philippines and went abroad to represent his country. This year he tried to compete again at AGT, with high hopes and more experience.

As for Angela July, she’s Indonesian, a mother of one, and she’s a soloist/harpist. For her, her family is the most important thing in the world. For her final at AGT, she was supported by her husband, son, and also her mother-in-law, who flew to Singapore. During the free time, Traveloka supported her to take a break and have a chance to enjoy Singapore. She went with her family to enjoy their time in Clarke Quay.

Traveloka and AGT also had a surprise for the other finalists : they got a chance to enjoy their free time at Universal Studios Singapore.  On this day, Neil and his family went together and also Angela July and her family.

At the end of the day, Angela July also went to the S.E.A Aquarium with her family and to have the B-Roll shooting with the massive aquarium as the background.

Both Neil and Angela have the same thing in common : their family is their priority.

Neil is sure a selfie generation

Dennis shooting the beatboxing community in Davao

Neil trying his chance to sell some durians xD

Ilona shooting the youngest contestant from China

The expressions of the AGT finalists when AGT x Traveloka team announced that they got one day pass at Universal Studios Singapore

Angela July and her family enjoying dinner together at Clarke Quay

Angela July playing harp in the aquarium, it was magical!

Angela July and her family took a selfie before entering Universal Studios Singapore

Neil and his family enjoying the Christmas decorations on Orchard Road

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