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A Disclosure

It was back in 2020 when I first heard about Anatman. Dokumenter Hasil Studi Aborsi di Indonesia was the first gate, while Diam & Dengarkan was a spell that hooked me in the midst of black pandemic.

I never imagined that three years later, I would learn how to explore, elaborate, and enhance ideas with Anatman. It was an amazing experience and it took three months for me before I wrote this blog.

The openness and trust were given to me and other interns to get involved in any project, from behind the screen, on set, until the post-production phase.

It was not merely a chance, but also the feedback, the discussion that I had with my mentor and others that made me feel secure to step out of my comfort zone and learn as a creative/copywriter.

The moment I write this, I know I have a long journey and I’m still figuring out who I am gonna be, but knowing that I start it with the lesson I gained with Anatman is absolutely precious.

See you another time, Anatman! Xx.

Frederica Nancy — Creative Intern

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