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New World Unlocked

Never have I imagined to set foot in this industry. But the love and passion for storytelling brought me here, finally expanding my comfort zone. As someone who didn't come from the world of filmmaking, I found everything about this industry to be exciting and intriguing. The newness of it all ignited a spark in me, and I was immediately drawn in by the endless possibilities that lay ahead.

Like any other newcomers, I experienced many new things for the first time. I learned about online and offline editing, participated in commercial shooting, operated a cinema camera, discovered how to create a compelling narrative flow from interviews, and yet the most fulfilling experience was delving into the realm of documentary filmmaking.

I have gained a vast amount of knowledge and skills during my time here. Not to mention the opportunity to meet and interact with so many talented and kind-hearted individuals. The team at Anatman was incredibly supportive and guided me throughout my internship journey. Collaboration with the interns was also enjoyable and filled with many fun moments. Their guidance and feedback helped me grow both personally and professionally. The warmth and welcoming atmosphere here truly left a lasting impression on me.

Understanding more about the framework of film production has further fueled my passion for telling stories through audio-visual media. Thank you Anatman, for creating a wonderful learning environment for filmmaking.

Til we meet again!

Aqilla Putri — Videographer Intern

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