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All It Takes is One Drop to Bloom

One thing that got me interested with Anatman Pictures is the kind of content they produced. The topics they covered pique my interest. There's a sense of homey-ness that most won't always get in other places. It might just be my luck but the moment I step into the office, I like how I could immediately sees the principle that Anatman Pictures holds and instill on to the people in it, and I happen to share those views.

The work that I was working on at the time was very varied. From working for social media feed, Anatman's own project, and commercial works. Personally, it pushes me to design things that isn't in my comfort zone. Forcing me to learn something new in every project that was given to me, therefore improving my skills. Despite the difficulty here and there, I actually enjoyed my time there. I wholeheartedly believe Anatman's Picture is quite one of a kind workplace.

Dionda Nurintanya — Animator / Illustrator Intern

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