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Anatman Pictures’ Original: Ditduts’ Kitchen

Being a producer doesn’t stop Dita’s passion: cooking. Dita, our producer, loves cooking. Pastry, pasta, pan-fried, grill, baking, you name it.

We love cooking show, especially the documentary about food. That gives us the idea, why don’t we make our own cooking show?

“Quiet please, I’m working!” said Avir the audio man.

Double agent. Producer and chef.

This is the first time Abrian became Director.

Close up the veggies.

How to make garlic minced looks perfect in camera 101.

First thing first, the hardest part: concept. There are so many cooking show with different concepts. We come with so many ideas. After long discussion, we got the big idea. All entire episodes will be plant-based food. This series will be directed by Abrian Maulana Azmi.

So enjoy our first series: Ditduts’ Kitchen!

Ditduts’ Kitchen – Terong Isi [Eps Pilot]

Ditduts’ Kitchen – Wajik [Eps 2]

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