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Connections Across The Pacific

As a recent grad of ArtCenter College of Design – Film, I was looking for a job in Los Angeles or Jakarta and I stumbled upon a post my mother had sent me. It said, ‘Anatman Academy.’ It was seven o’clock that night. I just had dinner by myself and I was intrigued. It said ‘Creative Department’ and coming from a directing track background, I had to apply. I was curious about the world of creativity and film; I needed to see it for myself. A week later I got an email. They were requesting an interview. It wasn’t my first interview with a company, but I was excited, nervous, and everything all at once. It was overwhelming, let alone the time zone that will cause conflict. Two interviews were done, and I got the internship. I was over the moon and I was eager to start.

I worked during hours where one should sleep. I was located in Los Angeles, where they were based in Jakarta. They were kind enough to let me do the work in the morning. Nevertheless, it was fun to have meetings where it was daytime on the screen, but nighttime for me. They were like family, even though I had just met them. They welcomed me with open arms and I felt a rush of warmth. Never have I felt loved by companies I’ve interned for in the past. They invited me into their community and I saw kindred spirits there.

The work involved designing treatments, ideation, and of course Monday morning meetings. Sometimes we would have individual department meetings where it was filled with serious talks of creativity, and other times it would be light chatters of getting to know each other. I think I’ve found friends there, despite being so far away, and no matter where I’ll be, I know I can count on the community I’ve made here. What a beautiful thing that is: connections.

Tania Julianto — Creative Intern

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