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Experience of a Lifetime

Anatman has definitely given me the opportunity to grow and to further develop my knowledge and skills in film production. I’ve always been fascinated by visual arts, storytelling and of course the film industry and I’ve been wanting to explore the world of filmmaking for quite some time. So, when I finally got the news that I was accepted as Anatman’s producer intern, I was so excited and ready to fully commit myself to this experience.

I’ve learned a lot from this internship, one that has been an eye-opening experience is to learn the workflow of a project whether its commercial or content creation. Now I understand how a project starts, from having first meetings with clients, setting up the budget and timelines, preparing all the necessities for shooting (equipment, subjects, locations, logistics, etc) up to the other end of a project which is post-production. I wasn’t heavily involved in the post-production part but I’ve picked up a few interesting things like, there are two processes of editing which are offline and online editing (I just found out about this), all of that needs to be done before we go into the final delivery phase. I’ve also been given the opportunity to produce a content series called “Selayang Kisah” (available on Anatman’s IG) which has been a great learning platform for me especially on how to approach a subject for an interview.

One of the most memorable experiences that I’ve had was when the team asked me to join them to go to Bandung for one of our commercial projects. It was my first ever experience to travel somewhere in order to shoot a film. And in those moments I’ve come to realize that there’s something about working on a film set that I really enjoyed and got me very excited. Furthermore, I also got the chance to travel to Makassar (also for a commercial project) and it was a thrilling experience as we gt to shoot at various locations such as: a coastline, a factory, a fish market and so on.

Overall it’s been a wonderful journey, the team was really nice, friendly and skillful. I got to meet with other talented interns as well and have interesting conversations with them.

Luckily, at the end of my internship, they offered me a position at Anatman which I've gratefully accepted and now I’m working as an Assistant Producer for Anatman. Much thanks to the team, it has been an experience that I will forever cherish in a lifetime🙂✌️

Yonas Reynald— Producer Intern

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