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Foreign Intern!

Updated: May 24, 2022

by Julianna Tacata

Hey there! Let me tell you about a foreigner working as a post-production intern at Anatman Pictures…

You can call me Jules. Ever since I, a Filipino, was staying in Jakarta during lockdown, I have been watching the company’s films. I was super surprised to hear that the company was open to recruit me after I applied. Without hesitation, I immediately replied yes! While I was taking a gap year and online studying from Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, I was lucky to practice editing with a new crew in the professional environment that values inclusion and sustainability.

From the start, I learned how to color grade and apply my editing skills for short videos with the guidance of our supportive mentors. Eventually, our team was able to get used to creating content together. Each member has a talent and were so generous to share it with me. Everyone treated me as their equal. When I was invited to join the company’s shooting, I was so excited to physically see and touch their facilities and equipment at their office. It was also highly encouraging to be introduced to the cool tools by the company which improved our workflow. I remember when I got stressed from a situation out of my control since being an editor is mostly about making many decisions in the final cut, the mentors were very understanding and gave me a clearer idea of how I can solve the problem. Sometimes, making mistakes and then correcting them helped the team become better and more confident.

The documentary entitled “PROMO FOMO” was a unique project produced by our team. Turns out, working with the other interns who live in other cities to create a documentary was not impossible but an incredible experience! All it took was patience and honest communication especially when it came to the technical part. I gained a lot of skills in enhancing the stories told by the subjects and I discovered the editing aesthetics and techniques that I like to use. Not only that, preparing transcripts and subtitles was a great way to improve my Bahasa.

Overall, the internship turned me into a resourceful and ethical filmmaker. I am super thankful to grow with this team during this special time. Terima kasih banyak!

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