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Bukalapak – Searching for Happiness

This time, we collaborated with Bukalapak who are recruiting for engineering positions in their office. For this purpose, we made an ad about what it feels like to be an engineer at Bukalapak. We also introduced Omniscience, where we can find what we’re looking for in the search box efficiently and fast.

On shooting day, we shot at several locations, from the house scene, the street, the scooter workshop, the phone kiosk, and finally at Bukalapak’s office. One of the highlights of the day was when David the mechanic finally got the scooter working again, he laughed so hard and so loud, it was contagious that some of us were laughing too.

The most exciting part of the shooting day was in Bukalapak’s office for the fried tofu scene. The shooting was done during the fasting month and in the afternoon, everyone was hungry.  We had Zaky, the CEO of Bukalapak, doing a cameo delivering the fried tofu to his staff and hen he arrived with the plates, everyone was really excited and grabbed the fried food so fast. So what you see on the video was real expressions of hunger.


Rengga’s goatie being touched up by Ochi (with an appearance of Bowo in the back)


Ibu Sri just bought some fresh fruit from the vegetable seller.


The confused look while searching the item online.


Shooting from the back.


David’s new shirt is being aged by staining it with coffee.


The happy faces when the scooter finally works.


Wonder what Black and Dennis are discussing, since they’re laughing happily.


Adink being an extra as the phone kiosk owner.


Ahmad Zaky doesn’t want to miss the shooting session at Bukalapak’s office.


Since the shooting was held during fasting month, everyone had real hungry expressions when Zaky brought plates of fried food.

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