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GO-JEK | #RamadanTanpaBatas

When I, as Anatman’s scriptwriter, was writing the script for GO-JEK’s Ramadan campaign video, I imagined a wise and old guy to be cast as the main GO-JEK driver. Based on GO-JEK’s initial thoughts, the plot was to be about a GO-JEK driver helping people to celebrate Ramadan, especially during the break fasting.  The driver realizes the small acts of kindness that he gives can lead to other acts of kindness.

If you’re a 90’s kid in Indonesia, you would know ‘Lupus’, the fictitious character based on a sitcom that was adapted from an hilarious book. Lupus is one of the books that made me want to become a writer. I never expected that I would meet Lupus in real life. Suddenly everything changed. Mas Oka, who played Lupus in the first season, had been appointed as the chosen GO-JEK driver for our production.

Surprise surprise.

Mas Oka is the real life Lupus. He is extraordinarily funny and humble, far from glamorous in any way. When I met him, it was like reliving a childhood memory (please note this doesn’t mean I’m old).  He kept making jokes, bringing all the Anatman crew joy through laughter. The production took 2 days to shoot and it was undoubtedly one of the most hilarious productions behind the scenes that Anatman has ever shot. Hahaha.

Happy Ramadan, everyone!


Hide and Seek.


Focus & Furious.


2 Focus 2 Furious.


Preparation for riding scene.




Sneak peek.


Iftar scene.

Behind the scene.

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