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GO-JEK – Thank You

To celebrate the Holy Month of Ramadhan, GO-JEK created a feature on their app to say thank you to the drivers for their efforts. So in order to introduce this new feature on the apps, we have a story about a lady GO-JEK driver who gives a present to her daughter on the first day of the fasting month.

For the shooting day, Putri was our GO-JEK driver talent. She had to drive her motor bike from early in the morning and also had to drive around her customer, Ibu Bani, who was carrying a big plate of the traditional food, “nasi tumpeng.” During the ride, Ibu Bani almost dropped the “nasi tumpeng” and it was real, because she said she couldn’t stabilize herself, so the expression where the she almost dropped the package is all natural.

We shot some scenes in the orphanage with lots of happy and excited young orphans, who all crowded around wanting photos with our young talent Talitha, before moving location for the next scene which was a local family home. This of course meant that all the curious neighbours crowded around the set wanting to see what was going on, which means that it can be quite tricky trying to keep everyone quiet while the camera is rolling.

We had a group of the orphan kids go marching around the village carrying burning torches and yelling to tell people that it’s “suhoor” time (time to eat before dawn), which was very fun because they had so much energy although it was shot late at night.


Putri being touched up to look exhausted and pale.


A quick preview with the talent and clients.


Taking a photograph with Nenek and Ibu Ratih as the fussy customer.


What happened in the wardrobe / make-up base camp : having a picnic together.


Preparing the tumpeng rice for the orphanage scene.


Another quick preview with the orphanage boys. They were so excited they were climbing the walls to see!


Aziz as an extra – all he had to do was eating the iced jelly in the middle of the day. Yum!


Bowo and his silly face.


Inside the house where the daughter is waiting for her mom to come home.


Black is briefing Talitha and Putri for the next scene.


What happens when you’re doing shooting in someone’s house : so many neighbours are watching the shooting.


The last scene of the orphanage kids shouting “sahur!” to remind people to have sahur in the dawn.

You can also watch the behind the scene video here:

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