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Kudo – Pahlawan Keluarga

This was a fun collaboration working with the e-commerce startup, Kudo, an online platform for being resellers for various top named merchants.

For this project, the story was about a small family living in a village, whose grandpa is coming for a visit. The grandpa has lost his spirit to live, so his granddaughter tries to make him happy again. Irene did a fantastic job as the granddaughter, she was fully energized from dawn until night, she was not even once tired nor complaining.

For this shooting, the most beautiful part was the morning scene, where we see the environment of the house and the morning rays of light coming through the trees. And also, the art department crews were very happy doing their part for flying the kites scene. It was like they were back in childhood again.


The beautiful morning ambience for our first shot.


Faiz as the ojek driver who dropped off Pak Fuad.


Rengga chilling on the swing.


The lovely Iren giggling while trying to balance herself on the swing.


Pak Fuad ready to go fishing in the village.


During the arrival at the house scene.


The art team painting the rooster shaped piggy banks.


Ares preparing the kite for Pak Fuad.


Pak Fuad and Iren trying to fly the kite.


The art team looked so happy to fly the kites as part of their job 😀


Ken looking sharp as the Kudo Delivery Man.


The simulation of Ken as the Kudo Delivery Man and Dennis as the customer, having a successful transaction over a gallon of water.

You can watch the finished project here :

And also the behind the scene video can be watched here:

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