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PANTENE & DOWNY | Special Collaboration with Anggun & Andien

In Indonesia, Ramadan is an extraordinary and holy month. We have special and unique ways to celebrate Ramadan and Eid Mubarak (‘Lebaran’ in Bahasa Indonesia). Based on that insight, Anatman Pictures collaborated with Grey and P&G to make a very emotional video to celebrate Ramadan, basing it on one of the most important people in our lives who are often taken for granted, our mothers.

We prepared everything from scratch for months. One month before D day, Anatman crew interviewed a very wide range of people and asked about their relationships with their mothers.  From all the interviews, 17 people with touching stories and the ability to sing were selected.

We invited the incredibly talented and and popular Indonesian musicians, Anggun C. Sasmi and Andien, to get involved in this event and they were both very excited. Anggun flew from the UK to Jakarta and met Andien and this was their first collaboration to perform together. They collected social media status updates from the 17 people selected and with these, created new song lyrics to sing along to a newly composed version of the well known Indonesian children’s song, Kasih Ibu.

The production day was finally upon us. We invited the mothers of the 17 chosen talents to TIM in Cikini for a surprise concert which they believed their children were helping to organise.

The lights went off and the ambience was strangely psychedelically beautiful and we could feel the anticipation in the air.

Anggun entered from the right side of the stage singing and appearing like an angel dressed all in white, while Andien appeared from the opposite side in all her golden glittering glory. They were both showered by spotlights, starting the show in the most elegant way with their dreamy vocals.  The big screen on stage showed photos, past and present, of all the talents with their mothers.

Soon the real magic happened as the big screen split in half, the curtains rose and the choir comprising of the 17 talents appeared rising from the stage. The choir were singing the emotional lyrics alongside Anggun and Andien.

The mothers eyes welled as they watched their children performing the surprise concert and their tears fell.

As the concert finished, the mothers made their way up to the stage to be with their children and this is the first time all the crew, talents, singers, videographers and everyone involved, have all been in tears during a production.

This was a truly magical and incredibly special production for everyone involved.

“Told ya!”

The Director, Mahatma Putra, explaining the storyboards to Anggun.

Rehearsal session.

Awwww ~

The solo violinist.

Dennis making sure everything goes to plan.

Exclusive Concert!

Updated: This campaign is also covered by Campaign Brief.

Behind the scene.

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