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Asuransi Astra – Berkah Senyum

Ramadan is special month for Muslim. In Indonesia, we have ‘mudik’, a tradition event when we get back to our hometown where our childhood spent before Eid Al Fitr. Mudik is an extraordinary moment when we can spend the time with our family because our daily activities taking too much of our time. We come to our hometown with happiness. We meet our family, our parents, our siblings, and our relatives.

Have you ever been in nursing home?

This video idea is about the elders in nursing home. They don’t know where their family is. They don’t know whether their family still alive or not. They don’t know where they have to go when Ramadan comes, even they don’t know with whom they’re gonna celebrate Eid Al Fitr.

Melancholic. Shuhaery Faiz as director, cried several times when he interviews and listens to the elders’ stories.

DSC06152 copy


DSC06135 copy

Sharing is Caring.

DSC06098 copy

Learn from the best.

DSC06061 copy

Close up shot.

DSC06044 copy

“Dear Houston, we’re ready to launch!”

DSC06028 copy

Bird’s view.

DSC05952 copy

Listening process.

DSC05986 copy

Nenek Leha, 71 years old, polyglot.

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