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D’s #UnstoppablePassion with Yovita, Riyanni, and Eka

Anatman Pictures has worked with FWD Insurance Indonesia several times. This time, FWD wanted to bring up the issue of realising unexecuted plans as its theme for the campaign, as most of us have at least one or more unexecuted plans. There were three different professions chosen to speak about their unexecuted plans : a musician, traveler, and scuba-diver.

Putra sitting on the special director's seat surrounded by his "entourage"

Putra sitting on the special director’s seat surrounded by his “entourage”

From the pre-production meeting, it was decided that all the talents should wear grey clothes with accesories in accented colours that represent the company’s colour palette. For example, if the traveler wears a grey t-shirt, then the backpack should be red or blue. The same with the scuba diver, we would use the mask and goggles with accented colours. This decision led us to find several properties. The properties we needed for the shooting day were not that hard to find. We only needed to find a backpack, a mattress, a diving mask and goggles, a microphone, a microphone stand, and some scarfs to be knotted on the standing microphone. It was easy to find some of the properties as some of us already own them, and we also borrowed from our friends. The most difficult thing was to find the microphone and the microphone stand, because most of our friends were not willing to have their mic stand and mic destroyed during the shooting (since Putra decided he wanted to get the musician to be wild on stage and throw the microphone and its stand). Luckily, after I picked up the diving mask and goggles in Depok, there was a flea market called “Mall Rongsok” or “Trash Mall.” At first the seller said that there was no more microphone stands available. Actually, there were two stands and they belonged to someone who already booked it. But after bargaining a little, he agreed to sell it to us. One problem solved. Phew! It meant only one other property to be found : the microphone. On the shooting day Imam and Dennis brought microphones they had from home and we decided to use Imam’s microphone. He said it doesn’t matter if it gets destroyed, because it means he can get a new one. Hehe.

FWD Insurance_Anatman Pictures_Behind the Scenes FWD Insurance shoot Jakarta

The energetic Yovita in her diving suit.

On shooting day, there were three talents : Eka Annash (musician, lead singer in a rock band), Riyanni Djangkaru (traveler, environmental activist), and Yovita Liwanuru (diver, Miss Scuba Indonesia 2012). The three of them come from different backgrounds and have different personalities. The first one we shot was Yovita, she came early and she was very cheerful and powerful during the taping. Her voice was loud and she was very energetic. The second one was Riyanni, she was very funny and we had so much fun shooting her. She did a lot of funny acts and always made us laugh. The last but not least, Eka Annash, the coolest guy on the set. He talked calmly but when Putra directed him to do things he usually does on stage, he became the rockstar. He ran, jumped around and swung the mic and its stand.

FWD Insurance_Anatman Pictures_Behind the Scenes FWD Insurance shoot Jakarta

The funny Riyanni during her shots.

While Putra was still filming the second and the last talent, our Assistant Director, the amazing Dennis, was editing the shots we had earlier in the day, so the client and the agency could see the preview video on location. After we wrapped up the shooting, we previewed the earlier shots with them. And it was decided that the talents would be in black and white and the animation would be in colour, so the animation would stand out more.

The amazing Dennis editing the shots done earlier for the preview.

The amazing Dennis editing the shots done earlier for the preview.

For my second time experiencing shooting day, I can say that it ran really smoothly. We started filming at around 8 a.m. and we finished at 4.30 p.m. Even Sigit, one of our crew, was surprised (well, it was more like shocked) when we wrapped it up because it was so fast according to him. I guess the fast shooting process happened because of the professional talents who were easy to be directed and knew what to do in front of the camera.

Oh, and not to forget to mention the good job between the agency and the Director who prepared the concept, the script, and realised it visually.

And, voilà! Here are the final artwork which consisted of 4 videos : 1 video of Eka, 1 video of Riyanni, 1 video of Jovita, and 1 video of them all. Please enjoy 🙂

#UnstoppablePassion – Eka Annash

#UnstoppablePassion – Riyanni Djangkaru

#UnstoppablePassion – Yovita Ayu Liwanuru

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