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Samsung Note 5: The Temple Project

For the release of Note 5, Samsung wants to have 3 different stories and 1 manifesto. The stories consist of a working mom, a graduated son, and a woman who wants to travel. And for these 3 stories, we divided them into 2 days shooting. The first day is located in a studio and the second one is in Karawang, Bekasi.


Pocut during the super early make-up session

On the first day, we shot 8 different sets, so the art crew had to work back and forth setting 8 locations : bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, a child’s bedroom, an office, a meeting room, and another office. This day’s shooting is the most tight shooting schedule ever, we started as usual from early in the morning around 5 a.m., and we finished at 5 a.m… the next day! And most of us went back home at around 6 and 7 a.m.


The super busy Dennis


Waiting for feedback from downstairs


The art crew setting the room


I wonder what they’re looking up there hmmm


Reza, the art director, sitting exhaustedly


Wiwid during her office scene

So let’s move to the next shooting day. Luckily we set the second shooting day a day apart from the first shooting day, so we could have some rest before going shooting again.


Sigit being the extra for the morning scene.


The art crew carrying the hut in the paddy field

The second shooting day set location at Candi Blandongan in Karawang. We departed at 2 a.m. in the morning from our office to Karawang. Here, we shot at 5 different sets : the paddy field, graduation hall, house, and the temple itself. The art department made their own home set and it was beautiful. But the most beautiful part is the Blandongan Temple. We went there for the sunset and we also brought our lighting to lit the temple and it was a really beautiful scenery. During our shoot in the second day, there were a few incidents : the make-up and wardrobe team’s car got lost so far they almost reached Linggarjati which was a few kilometres away from our location in Karawang, and then the backpack which is used for continuity of Riyani’s scene is left back at Jakarta, but luckily Tasha came at Karawang in the noon and brought the backpack.


Dennis flying the drone


Now it’s Putra who’s flying the drone


Abam checking on the wardrobes


Ais and Dennis looking at the preview monitor


Dimas taking a selfie during his “graduation”


Suddenly we have sooo many spectators here 😀


The leaving the house scene


Pocut waiting for her turn at the temple


A fine afternoon in the temple


Priti looks like she wants to have the phone while it’s being cleaned by Rere


The art team preparing the bonfire for the fire soccer scene


Putra the director

This time’s shooting is the most brutal shooting I’ve ever been. Because although we’ve already split it into 2 days of shooting. The first day was the most long duration because it finish at 5 in the morning the next day. But the second day was long duration too, because although we shot less scenes than the first day, we ended finished the shooting at midnight too.

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