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Torabika – Mengerti Dia

When Torabika sent us the brief for their new digital video campaign, we were very excited. In Indonesia, it’s very common for woman to make coffee for their husband. Torabika want to change that perspective. Actually, I’m not coffee lover, but feminism theme is a great theme for video concept.

As the writer for the concept, I try to make it simple to emphasize the message to the audiences. There’s one mother who gave up her career to giving birth and taking care of her son. Then everything is change when she wants to pursuing her career again.

Ares the art director worked very hard to get the set perfectly done. There’s only 1 location for shooting but different sets based on the timeline. The production took 1 days to wrap, literally. We started at 5 AM, finish at 2.30 AM. Huhu!

Preview from the monitor.

Breakfast scene.

Framing for the next scene.

Faiz set the camera while Ochi touch up the talent.

Baby’s crying when his dad leaves for work.

Shuehary Faiz the DOP.

Anatman’s signature flare.

Putra, the director, directs the female talent to calm down the imaginary baby.

Watch the full video!

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