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Coca cola – Raise Your Racket | Legendary Rudy Hartono

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

We recently finished a new short documentary style video for Coca Cola’s Angkat Raketmu (Raise Your Racket) campaign about the legendary Indonesian badminton player, Rudy Hartono.

Since we moved into our new office location in Tanjung Barat in September it’s been crazy days here at the Anatman headquarters. One great project we have had the pleasure of working on has been for the Angkat Raketmu campaign for Coca Cola.

Over the past year, Coca Cola has refurbished 16 badminton courts in 7 cities across Java in the hope of getting people to raise their rackets and get back into the once Indonesian dominated sport. In 2014/2015 they plan to build 40 more courts across Java, Sumatra and Kalimantan, leading up to the World Championships in 2015 in Jakarta. What a great way to get people active outdoors, motivated and fit!

Although the film only goes for a total of 2 minutes, it takes weeks to plan storylines, confirm dates for shooting, search for locations and obtain permits, finding extras talent, confirming main talent and then filming and editing, but we were really happy with the end result. It was a great combined effort between the teams at Anatman, McCann and Coca Cola.

The first day of shooting was at Ragunan outside the Rudy Hartono Hall and we arrived on location at 4.30am so we would have time to get beauty shots of Rudy in the sunrise. Well, the sun rose and everyone had arrived, except Rudy. It seems he wasn’t informed we would be taking these shots and apparently thought we were a little crazy to expect him to be there so early in the morning, which made us laugh. Nevermind, he arrived shortly after and Putra was able to get some magical shots with Rudy and the sun through the trees.

Next we moved to the indoor courts to interview Rudy and film him hitting the shuttlecocks around. Rudy was great to work with, and it was our honour to get a chance to film the 8 times All England Singles Champion. All these years later, his winning streak is yet to be beaten. He told us how his racket was an extension of himself and without it he would not have had the chance to be where he is today.

The rest of the day was spent inside the hall filming and it was steaming hot in there. We were all absolutely dripping in sweat just sitting on the sidelines, and I couldn’t imagine how the players could stand playing in such heat. Air conditioning is not possible as it would blow the shuttlecocks around so there is limited ventilation but the players didn’t seem at all phased. In fact, most of the production team and agency crew got motivated to raise rackets and have a hit on the courts, so they were getting fit while working, and that can only be a good thing.

Sunrise filming in the still empty streets

Another super early morning start before the sun had risen and Fahrul was pushed to his limits jogging and sprinting back and forth down the streets followed by Putra on a motorbike, and then followed by the drone up above.  The light and camera combination, along with Fahrul created some super cool footage.

Fahrul was a great little actor for this shoot

We had to wait for the afternoon sun to ease off before completing filming and headed to the old school badminton courts for the final scenes.

Dennis acting as a table while Putra films

It was funny to watch Putra trying to capture the perfect lighting and having Dennis have to act as a table for this scene.

Quickly taping to cover up all branding on the rackets

Fahrul in action

Arjuna was another great extra talent we found for this film

Fahrul getting instructions from Fauke

We had to quickly scout the surrounding area for people to be part of the audience at the game, which proved a little tricky.  There were young kids in abundance, but too young to be in this film and every male that was approached was either too cool or too shy to come along, but eventually we found some lovely school girls just finishing up for the day who were excited to come along and be part of the action, along with some lovely ladies from the complex.

Some of our crew

The head of the village where we were filming and his friends enjoying watching

Watching the drone camera in action

We got the drone camera crew back in the late afternoon to capture some more aerial shots to add to the drama of this film and were really happy with the results.

Last minute checks before launching

..and up it goes to create some magic

..and back down again to end another day.

As the sun disappeared we took some final shots and although it had been long days everyone was still happy and high in spirits and looking forward to seeing the final cut of the film..

We look forward to showing you more in this series of documentaries in the coming weeks.

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